Welcome to django-windows-tools

django-windows-tools is a small Django application providing management commands to help hosting Django projects in a Windows environment.

This project started when a Django project that started as a temporary proof of concept running on a Linux box became something that needed to go to production in a IIS/SQL Server environment.

We faced three concerns:

  • Database access.
  • Running a Django application behind IIS.
  • Running Django background processes (Celery, Celery Beat)

The database is a no brainer with the help of django-mssql and pywin32 as it allowed an allmost seamless switch between MySQL and SQL Server.

For Hosting the Django project behind IIS, things became harder. There are several solutions around (such as the one from HeliconTech), but they are either unmaintained, convoluted or Closed Source. We came out with a solution that needs only Open Source software and that can easily be automated.

Last, for background and scheduled task, one wants to use celery and its beat scheduler. Again, we came out with a solution allowing to run the Django Background processes in a Windows Service.

django-windows-tools packages the solutions we found and provides Django management commands that ease the deployment and configuration of a Django project on Windows.

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